Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Oliver + S - Finished Products!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love the Oliver + S patterns? Actually, any patterns that Liesl Gibson decides to share with the world. She has created fabulous children's clothing patterns, written a book Little Things To Sew (love!), and also has created patterns for the grown up girls (yay! Adult sizes!) with her Lisette patterns that are distributed by Simplicity.

Why do I love these so? First, the designs are classic. When I think of kids clothing and how I want it to look, this is the style that comes to mind. Second, the patterns are easy to read and if you are a novice clothing sewer, you learn as you go (I love french seams now. Love.) and all the pieces look proplerly finished, not just slapped together as many "easy" patterns tend to. Thanks to these patterns I am no longer terrified of sewing anything other than curtains (and quilts - mais oui!).

Below are pics of some of the things I've made recently. I'm slowly making my way through the entire book, so it seems!

First is the free pattern she offers the Mother Daughter Tote Bag. Easy peasy and the perfect mid-size for lunch or scooping up a few little person things to bring in the car - angel does not leave the house without hers in hand filled with water bottle, snacks, and other assorted bits and bobs. I altered the pattern a little and used one solid piece for the outside of the grey ones - they're my "work" ones.

Then there is the No-Tie Scarf, Mittens, and Cozy Winter Hood pattern from Little Things To Sew. I blithely ignored the warning about working with velveteen and jumped right in (way to go stubborn streak....thank heavens for a walking foot!).

Next up, the Bias Trimmed Apron from Little Things. Talk about quick - this was a naptime creation and great for helping mum cleaning up and in the garden.
Then there is the Red Riding Hood. Another easy one to put together - I made this one with wool coating (deep clearance in the summer at Fabricland...wicked cheap). Nice and warm for this fall though - it's getting lots of use!

The Art Smock - one small, medium, and large (angel and her cousins!). Pardon the paint stains on the little one...this now permanently lives in the kitchen with the painting supplies!

And let's not forget the Reversible Bucket Hat and Tea Party Sundress.

I also just picked up the Family Reunion Dress pattern and am just about done my first one of those - will post that pic when it's finished.

If you're interested in some of these items, visit Liesl Gibson's various sites:
Oliver + S (be sure to visit the blog - there are some free patterns there!)
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