Monday, August 15, 2011

How to Help

There has been a lot going on in the world lately, and sometimes it's hard to know how to help. The American Red Cross has created a cookbook for all you blog readers out there - "50+ Top Blogs All Time Favourite Recipes".

100% of the donations go to the American Red Cross.

You can get the E-Book, or a hardcover - both are only $10.

Visit here to purchase your copy!


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Craft Hope - Project 14 Announced

Hey there everyone! Craft Hope has announced Project 14 and it's a wonderful idea - Christmas in Dixie! We will be partaking in this project as well (hello Summer of Stash Busting!) and making up as many stockings as we can.

Please visit the Craft Hope page and read all about it here - I hope you're able to take part. The little things mean so much.

If you're new to Craft Hope, take some time and read about what they do - a fabulous idea coordinated and maintained by an incredible woman. I am grateful that there are people like Jade out there.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bean Bags

I've always liked bean bags. They bring up fond memories of childhood and playing outside until the streelights came on. The only problem is, I have NO idea what you do with them. This became a niggle at the back of my brain for a while and then I took 30 seconds and googled it. Apparently there's a couple of versions of games you can play with them. It's also known as Cornhole or Corn Toss. I prefer the latter terminology. And there is the ACA (American Cornhole Association...they have hats and everything), where you can find directions on how to play.

Since I now knew it was an actual game, I had an excuse to make some! Everything I read noted that you needed to make one square, fill it with the beans, close it up and then drop it into another square you've made. Hmmm. Since I only had my never-ending supply of Ikea cotton fabric ($1.99 a metre, people!), I decided to whip up a few, or 12, with that.

First, I cut out 12 strips 5"x20" long.

If you're not interested in decorating these plain old strips (or you're using some fabulous material for them), please skip the next step. As I had recently meandered into Michael's and came out with a few bottles of Craft smart paint (on sale for 34 cents a bottle!), and a few stamps from their $1.50 bin (check out the favourite!). I used these to make three "teams" of bags (4 per team). I found the best way to do this was to apply the paint to the stamp with a small foam brush...much less goopy.

If you imagine this piece of fabric folded into 4 sections, then the first two sections will be the outside of the bags...stamp, paint, etc., those as you like.

Once everything is dry, fold the strip in half (painted/right side up).

Then fold over again (painted/right sides together).

Sew an "L" shape along two of the open sides, leaving one side open. I used a1/4" hem with a small stitch on this as I wanted it to be tight and not easily broken open.

Trim your corners.

Turn right side out. Use a pencil to push your corners out gently, if you need to.

Fill the bag with 3/4 cup (120g) of dry beans (I used soybeans...they were only 21 cents per 100g at the Bulk Barn, or 95 cents a pound). To make all 12 bags, you will need 1.44kg of soybeans (which should cost you all of about $3 or so).

Pin the edges closed and sew along the edge - about 1/8". I wouldn't suggest handsewing as these are going to be chucked around and no one needs to clean up soybeans. They're slippery.
I backstitched a few times as I went down the seam, just to ensure it was secure.

And you're now ready to play bean bags!


Monday, August 1, 2011


Do any of you Pinterest? I do, and I love it. I'm one of those people who finds loads of things I love online and will even bookmark them, but I never go back and check them out one by one. On Pinterest, however, I can scan everything in a category of my choosing (and naming!) and click the picture to go straight to the website.

And best of all, you can check out what everyone else has "Pin'd" - and even repin it and add it to your wall.

This is a fabulous way to lose a few hours, but I really do love it for keeping ideas, pictures, inspiration, from the internet all in one spot.

If you'd like an invite to join, just drop me a quick line and I'll send you one!

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