Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Easy Tree Skirt (aka, The Bulls-Eye)

Since moving, we are now able to have a real Christmas tree for the first time and we are SO excited about it. I have so much Christmas fabric suddenly that I thought it would be best to make my own tree skirt instead of spending good money to buy one. I’ve seen lots of beautiful patterns for them, but I would have needed to start back in September to get one done in time, so came up with a quick solution (and by quick, I mean begun and completed in 3 hours). This will make one 42" across tree skirt.

1.25y/1.05m of background fabric 44”/45” wide (I used broadcloth)
1.25y/1.05m of Christmas fabric 44”/45” wide (I used cotton quilting fabric)
1.25y/1.05m of backing material 44”/45” wide (I used cotton quilting fabric)
45” square piece of quilt batting
7.25y/6.5m of double-wide bias tape
Basting spray (or Heat N Bond, or any temporary fabric adhesive)
Tailor’s chalk

First, take your background material and fold it in half width-wise and then again length-wise so it is in a square. The corner of the fabric (where all the folds are) is the centre of your piece of background fabric. Use a marker and put a dot on it (it will get cut out later, so use whatever is handy).

Unfold your fabric so it is flat and measure out from that mark 4.5” and make another dot with your tailor’s chalk. Continue around the dot until you have a circle of dots around your centre dot. It's a bit hard to see in this pic, but if you squint just right...

Take your Christmas fabric and fold as you did above for your background material. You may want to iron it flat in this square shape to make the next steps a bit easier. From the corner (aka, the centre of your piece of fabric), measure out 7” and make a mark. Make the same measurement in several points across the fabric so that you have one arc. Measure again at 9”, 11”, 13”, 15”, and 17”.

Cut along each of your dotted lines – you should have cuts that look like above. Unfold each piece and your will have a circle of fabric.

Lay out your background fabric on a flat surface. From your Christmas fabric, you will use the smallest circle, and then every OTHER circle you cut. In total, you will use 3 consecutively larger circles.

Starting with the smallest circle, lay it right side down on newspaper or scrap paper, and spray the back with basting spray.

Position the circle on your background fabric, using the circle of dots you placed on there as a guide. Complete the same with your remaining two circles.

You will have something that now looks like a bulls-eye.

Set your sewing machine to a zigzag stitch and stitch along the inside and outside edge of each circle, affixing it to your background fabric.

Layer your backing material (face down), batting, and your new bulls-eye, using the basting spray on each layer.

Quilt as you like (you can see I used some red thread to give it a little more colour and only a few lines of each.

Measure out from the edge of your largest circle by 4” and make a mark. Complete around the full edge of the circle.

Trim along this edge, through all layers.

Mark a straight line from the centre dot out to the very edge. Cut along that line.

Cut around the circle of dots at the centre of the tree skirt.

Cut two piece of bias tape (about 17” each) and apply to either side of the straight cut you just completed.

Cut another piece 70” long for the inner circle. Leave 20” of loose bias tape at the beginning of the inner circle when applying. This should leave you with about 20” on the other end once completed – these will be the ties on your tree skirt.

Use the remaining bias tape and apply around the large outer edge.

You’re done!

And in case you're wondering, it also works well as a toddler blanket....apparently. We may have issues keeping this under the tree...and that Ikea pillow form too...hmmm....


  1. Am seriously loving this treeskirt! Brilliant idea!

  2. You are a GENIUS, how you figured to cut the circles like that. WOW. NICE !!!

  3. Thanks ladies! Necessity is the mother of invention! Of course, we ended up with a tree so wide the tree skirt looks a little lost underneath more ring would have been perfect. Ah well! :)

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