Saturday, April 16, 2011

Irish Chain Quilt

I have always wanted to make an Irish Chain quilt, and since I seem to be all about the classic patterns right now, I thought I would give it a try! I think it is the simplicity of using just two colours that is so appealing to me. I thought I should give it a whirl on a smaller size, before I attempt a double, or triple (gasp!) Irish Chain quilt. I quite liked the results of this - so much so I put it up for sale! :)

So, here's a quick tutorial on this quilt (which is very easily adapted for larger sizes with a little math.:)

Finished Size: 30” x 30”
Fabric Requirements:
Red:  ¾ yard/0.7 metres
White:  ¾ yard/0.7 metres
Backing & binding:  1 yard/1 metre

White Fabric:
Cut 2 (two):  6.5” x WOF strips, sub-cut into 6.5” squares – for a total of 12 x 6.5” squares
Cut 4 (four):  2.5” x WOF strips

Red Fabric
Cut 9 (nine):  2.5” x WOF strips (5 will be for squares, the remaining 4 for border)

Take 2 red strips and 1 white strip and sew them together by the length of the fabric (44/45”), with the white strip in the middle.

Repeat step above so you have two of the same set.

Now make a third set using 2 strips of white on the outside and 1 strip of red on the inside.

Iron all your seams towards the red.

You should have the same as in the picture below.

Now, take all your strips and cut them crosswise at 2.5”.

You should have three piles just like below. Note: you will have more cuts than you need – but I’m sure we’ll come up with something to do with those…someday.
Now, begin chain piecing 13 of your predominantly red pieces to 13 of your predominantly white pieces. Here’s what mine looked like mid-stream.
Iron your seams.
Chain piece 13 more predominantly red pieces onto the other side of the white pieces.

Iron your seams. Your blocks should look something like below:
And here’s what your block will look like. And you should have 13 of these, measuring in at 6.5” square.
Now lay your blocks out, alternating nine-patch and white square (begin and end with nine-patches in the corners). Sew together in rows and then sew the rows together.

Iron all your seams.
Take 2 of your remaining red strips and sew them along opposite side of the quilt top. Iron your seams.

Take your remaining 2 red strips and sew them along the top and bottom. Iron your seams.
Trim away the excess fabric.

Layer, quilt, bind (using my favourite – the backing for the binding!), and you’re done!


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  1. Love it! I may have to make one of those too...

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