Monday, February 21, 2011

Ikea, Etc.

Did you all know that Ikea sells fabric. By the metre? (sigh) I think I was the last person in the world to realize this...all the times I've sauntered on by and not even noticed.

But I noticed this time. And boy, oh boy, did I have some fun.

You see, the new place has windows that are the exact same size in every room (there must have been a sale on when this place was built), and the previous dwellers left the curtain rods behind. So, I've been making curtains all weekend.

I've never done this before, and let me tell you, it kind of shows. On all the windows. The first two pairs were a couple of inches too short. So for the next set I added two inches. Two. And those curtains are about 8" too long. Seriously. I even called my mum to see if she had any tricks. She just laughed and told me that's why she won't make them. Hmph.

Anyhow, the original reason for this post (other than to blather on about my inability to make drapes that are long enough for the window they're on), was to let you know that some of the fabric at Ikea would even be good for quilting. Especially the plain unbleached cotton fabric that they are selling at 1.99 a metre (BOMULL) - great for all those quilt blocks I've seen that require a base to them - string blocks, etc., and it's a 59" width...a little more bang for your buck! And do you see that fabric up at the top with the words on it?  Those are all just numbers written on white, 59" wide - only 3.99 a metre! (BRITTEN NUMMER is the name of it) Great for a quilt back, methinks!

Oh, and yes, those are the mice from Cinderella on my windowsill. Aren't they sweet? Distracts from the too-short drapes. I hope.
Fortunately, as a way to distract me from the depressing job of curtain-making, I have also begun to sell things we no longer require on Kijiji. Love it. LOVE it. Anyhoo...I sold enough to (pretty much) make up for buying these two beauties this weekend...Aren't they pretty? Yes, they need a little cleaning up, but I think they're worth it (got them on Kijiji too!). 


  1. I love Ikea and will go there for fabric for my quilts.
    In the children's section they sell cotton fabric that matches some of their themes so you can make your own curtains, pillow cases etc.
    They come on mini bolts with about 3 yards each.

    These are great for kids quilts and theres a couple colours that I use as fillers in other quilts (a nice red and blue)

    for the curtain question- I guess it all depends on how far up they hung the rods :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower! :) Glad you like the keep calm prints!

    LOVE your Kijiji finds!

  3. Are the little houses on the sill Dutch? I know one used to be able to buy alcohol all bottled up in classic blue and white china houses similar to those.

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