Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nine Patches Gone Nuts

So I had this wonderfully simple idea for a quilt in mind. Easy, bright, with lots of colour balanced by lots of white. The white part didn't quite work out, as you can see. But I kind of like the crazy amount of colour in this quilt, despite it being referred to a couple of times as "dizzying" by other members of the household (looking at you Lumberjack).

I got inspired by some very simple, bright colours, that I saw in Fabricland and wanted to make something that would highlight them. Nine patches popped into my head. I often feel like I should be trying harder than a simple nine patch by now, but at the same time, I love the simplicity of making them, and how wonderful they can look.

So, here's how to get your very own "dizzying" quilt.

I used 6 different colours and used 0.35 metres of each (that's 0.4 yards for all those imperial folk out there). Of course, you can use more or less colours if you prefer. To do it again, I'd probably drop it down to 4 colours, but that's just me.

Now, cut all your fabric into 3" strips across the width of the fabric (so, you'll have 3"x44" strips). You should end up with a total of 30 strips (5 of each colour).

From each pile, pull out 3 strips and match them with another colour that you like. These will be your main nine patch colour squares.

Lay out the 6 strips as shown, alternating the colours.

Sew the first three strips together. Then sew the remaining three strips together. Iron your seams.

Sew the rest of your colour-matched piles together like this. For the leftover colours, pick colours that will mix together nicely (they won't have the same pattern effect as your first piles as you don't have 3 strips of each colour left...this is where the "dizzying" comes in), and repeat as above. You will have a pile that looks a little something like this.

Lying each piece out, trim off the ends.

Now cut each piece into 3" strips again. You should have 14 strips from each piece.

Alternate pieces to give you the look below.

Sew the strips together to create a nine patch.

Complete with all other strips.

Iron your seams!

Now lay out your new nine patch squares in a pattern that you like, 6 squares across, 7 down.

Sew the squares of each row together and iron your seams when done.

Then sew all your rows together and iron your seams when done.

Layer, quilt, and bind.

Easy and quick, no?

Finished quilt size is:

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