Saturday, November 27, 2010

Doll Quilts, Etc.

Do you remember these two quilts that I made for my nieces?

For Christmas I decided I would make them each a doll quilt that would complement their full size quilts.

I used a few of the same fabrics that are in their full-size quilts, for some continuity, but the majority were new fabrics. I did try to make sure that they followed the same colour scheme, as much as possible.

Both of the original quilts were made using HSTs (see tutorial on those here), and so I wanted the doll quilts to also be made using HSTs. What a wonderful little block the HST is!

Each doll quilt was made using HSTs made from 3" squares, a total of 64 squares per quilt. The final quilt size measures 18" x18". Below is the layout of the first quilt before I sewed all the blocks together.

After finishing these I decided that I will definitely have to make more in future. They are small enough to try out new patterns, placements, techniques, etc. without committing to a full-size quilt. It's a quilt appetizer, if you will. I'll miss these little guys when they're gone.

But as much as I love these little quilts, I felt they were missing something. What would a doll quilt be without a pillow to go with it? Yes, doll pillows. And oh my goodness are they cute! Take a look!

Anyhow - I made these two little pillows (inside pillow included - not just the case), in about 45 minutes. That included picking the materials, cutting, and sewing. The longest part was stuffing them.

I got the pattern and instructions for them here at From An Igloo. Take a roam around a little while you're there - what a great blog, I love when new posts are added!

Be sure to share any of your quilt or craft pics on the Flickr site too!



  1. Great idea making the mini pillow cases! I need to make that and a little quilt for my granddaughter. Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are wonderful! My mom is currently working on doll quilts and pillows for my girls' dolls. I'll definitely share your post with her.

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