Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lily & Will Pinwheel Quilt

My obsession with the new line from Moda, Lily & Will, continues. This time I'm using the charm pack that I bought at the same time I bought my layer cake for this quilt (which, by the way, is still not quilted...I'm aiming for a Christmas completion date).

I wanted to use the charms for something classic. And what's more classic that a simple pinwheel quilt design? Right. So, for this quilt I used the following:

1 Lily & Will charm pack
1 yard Moda Bella Solids in Snow
1.5 yards backing material
Craft size batting (36" x 45")

Divide charm pack into colours, including one pile for charms with a cream coloured base from the pile.

You will need 30 charms with colours and 8 charms with a cream background. Add the remainder to your fabric square stash (I know you have one!!).

Divide your colour charms into pairs - each pair will be the colour part of one pinwheel. You can see in the pic above the pairs that I used for my pinwheels.

From your yard of cream material, cut 22 x 5" squares (across the width of fabric!).

Once you have all your squares completed, match up 2 cream squares (from your solid fabric and your charms) to each of your colour charm square sets. You will need 4 squares to completed one finished block.

Using the Half Square Triangle tutorial here, or if you have a handy dandy little ruler like mine you can follow instructions below.

Create your HSTs using one colour and one cream charm each. Place them right sides together.

Using your ruler, draw lines 1/4" from the center, on the diagonal.

Sew along these lines.

Cut down the middle.

Iron all seams to the colour side.

Layout your HSTs to form the pinwheel design.

Sew top two blocks of squares together, then sew bottom two squares together (iron those seams down).

Then sew top and bottom together (and iron the seams).

You now have a pinwheel block. Complete for remainder of blocks (you will have 15 pinwheel blocks total, unfinished size of 8 3/4", finished size 8 1/4").

Your pinwheels will be laid out in three rows of five blocks each. Play with the layout until you get something you like.

From the remainder of the cream material, cut 10 widths (44/45") x 2" strips from Bella solids for sashing.

From 2" strips cut 12 pieces 8 3/4" long (this will use up 3 of your strips).

Sew your three rows of 5 squares together with these pieces in between.

From your 2" strips: piece together 4 strips 49" long (this will use up 5 of your strips). Use these rows to sew your three rows together (in between rows and the top and bottom). Be careful to ensure that your squares line up as you sew them together. Note: your strips will be too long, but this is just to ensure that there is enough length - trim the excess once you are done and all your rows line up correctly.

Iron your seams.

From your last two 2" strips, sew these across the two ends and trim the excess.

Iron all your seams.

Layer, quilt, and baste.

Finished quilt top size: 31" x 50"


  1. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. (And you make it look so damned easy! That's the aggrevating part...) ;)


  2. Thanks so much for this tutorial. I appreciate it. You did a wonderful job on this beautiful quilt. :)

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