Friday, October 29, 2010

Blogger's Quilt Festival - Fall 2010

I came across the Blogger's Quilt Festival too late to join in 2009, but waited patiently for this installment. In the meantime, I spent many many hours perusing all the quilts and stories and new blogs that I found there. My hearty thanks go out to Amy's Creative Side for hosting this wonderful event! Be sure to visit the Festival here!

It was so hard to pick a quilt to write about - do I pick my first quilt where my love of quilting started such a short time ago? Or the first real pattern one I followed? Or when I discovered how much I love white with colour in a quilt? Oh, the decisions!

In the end, I chose my Lily & Will quilt. It is small, but I love it. I love it because the fabric line is one I adore and have to physically restrain myself from buying. But I also love it because I used a simple, but classic pinwheel block for the first time, and I fell in love with the simplicity and beauty of it. This was also the first quilt where I used something other than bias tape to bind my quilt and I needed to piece together cotton batting to fit the size. Both of these firsts made me feel like a real quilter, instead of a novice who was impersonating a quilter. And I love the fabric. :)




  1. I like it, too because of the lots of white. and I've got one started--a pinwheel in which the triangles are mono-chromatic (one colour)with white kona cotton.

    Is Lily & Will the name of the fabric line or the quilt?

  2. Hurrah! A great job and new adventures and a really pretty quilt. Love Lois

  3. Wonderful quilt. I love all the same things about it you do :)

  4. I like it. Pinwheels are such fun blocks to put together.

  5. I do love pinwheel blocks. These look great. Really like the colours and fabric you chose too!

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