Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lily & Will Quilt

I was lucky enough to get a layer cake and a charm pack of the new Lily & Will by Bunny Hill Designs from Moda, ahead of when it lands in stores. I saw this fabric and just fell in love...with all of the colorways in the line too, not just the pink that I ended up with.

I sat on this layer cake for a while as I knew I would be making this into something for my duaghter when she moves into a regular bed. This meant that it needs to be not only nice, but it needs to be bigger than any quilt I've made to date. Scary contemplation, that. How on earth am I going to get something that large quilted on my machine? Hmmm. I'll think about that tomorrow (just call me Scarlet).

I wanted this to be simple, without taking away too much from the patterns of the fabric. So, I went with a simple idea, and a quick one too! Here is the tempalte I made while planning this quilt (yep, this is what I do on my lunch breaks. Walk? Fresh air? No, I Excel.).

Originally I was going to add another edge beyond the pink in a dark brown polka dot material - but I decided I liked it just like this, so watch for brown polka dots in upcoming projects!

You will need:
1 layer cake
2.1 metres (sashing)
Batting (queen sized)
Backing 4 yards/4 metres
If you want to go bigger an add another sashing beyond the pink, you will need 1.1 metres, cut into 5" strips.

Take each piece of the layer cake and pair it with an opposing (or complimentary, depending on your preference) piece. You will have 21 pairs total.

Lay them one on top of the other.

Cut 2" off each side.

Keep the pieces together. Repeat with all pieces of your layer cake.

You will have a pile that looks like this:

Take the 2" pieces that you cut off and sew each onto the opposing fabric from the pair.

You will have two new squares that look something like this.

Complete with all your pairs and iron down all your seams.

Your squares are now 10" x 9". We need them to be perfect squares, so trim 1" off the long side to square them up to 9"x9"

You will have two new piles that look something like this.

Yes, I'm keeping the 1" trimmings. And yes, I plan to do something with them.

As I don't have a design wall (yet...but boy are my craft room plans getting bigger every day!), I lay all my squares out on the floor to choose where I want all my squares to go.

You want to put together 6 sets of 4 squares and 3 sets of 6 squares, like below.

Sew your squares together (remember to sew them in rows, iron down the seams, and then sew the rows together).

Now for the sashing. From your material, cut it into 5" strips (across the width). I sewed all mine together into one long strip and ironed down the seams.

You will need:

6 x 18" lengths
4 x 72" lengths
2 x 73" lenghts

Begin by sewing the sashing between a 4-square and a 6-square, then add another piece of sashing and add on your last 4-square. It will look a little like this:

Trim any overhanging pieces.

Note: be smart about this, unlike me, and pin these pieces together before you sew them. I just sewed them all together and then realized they didn't actually line up properly. Seam ripping ensued, plus a fair amount of muttered swearing, followed by pinning.

Sew your three sections together with one piece of the 72" sashing in between each. Sew your other two pieces on the outside. Trim all your edges.

Sew your final two pieces of sashing across the top and bottom.

Iron your seams.
Layer, quilt, and bind.
Quilt top (unquilted):  69" x 78"


P.S. I would normally have waited until I quilted this to post it, but that's a big quilt for's going to take a while!

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  1. Wow. You make it look so easy! That's going to be a beautiful quilt when you're done. I'm having trouble deciding how to lay out my colour squares (I got 3 charm packs, so I don't have to cut anything), nevermind sewing anything!
    P.S. Love the Excel spreadsheet! Who needs fresh air anyways?

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